Amis d'Uxellodunum  

The Association of the "Amis d'Uxellodunum"

The goals of the the Association are:

bullet Support of the archeological investigations at Puy d'Issolud

bullet The promotion of the site within the areas of culture, tourism and leisure

bullet Maintenance of the site

bullet Conservation, protection and defence of the local heritage

How the Association came into being...

Following the declaration in April 2001 by the Minister of Culture that Puy d'Issolud is indeed the site of Uxellodunum, the renowned site of the last battle by the Gauls for independance from the Romans, the Commission de la Fontaine de Loulié was formed with the objective of bringing together all parties interested in the future care and development of the site. The Commission was made up of a group of enthusiasts drawn from a team called Essor Dionysien of St Denis les Martel and was fully involved in the restoration of the site and in support of the archeological explorations right from the start.

However it was soon felt that the role of the group was somewhat restrictive and not accessible to all. So in discussion with local officials it was agreed to put the members of the commission at the heart of a new public Association, open to all interested in the care and development of this important heritage site.

Thus an association Les Amis d'Uxellodunum ('The Friends of Uxellodunum') was created in order to unite the efforts of all interested parties, and held its first Annual General Meeting at the end of 2001.

The committee of the Association 2014 - 2015

Roger MIALET : President
Caroline MEY-FAU : Vice-president
Christian SERAGER : Vice-president
Christian MISSOTY : Vice-president
Jean-Claude LACHIEZE : Vice-president
Alain REINAT : Vice-president
Pierre PRANGERE : Secretary
Jean-Jacques ROUGIE : Deputy secretary
Monique COURET : Treasurer
Didier BERTRAND : Deputy treasurer

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